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The slot machine is a new addition to Borderlands 2, and it allows you to spend all of your hard earned cash for the chance to win fantasticThree Vault Symbols : Legendary (Orange) weapon. A pair of symbols with a bell: A small amount of cash. A pair of symbols with a non-matching symbol...

borderlands 2 - Where are all the gambling locations? - Arqade I have found the cost of the slot machines the one-armed bandits carry to be the same as all the others and the odds of a useful payout or a legendary to be exactly the same as well. The cost of a spin on any slot machine appears to scale to storyline progress and playthrough. So i found a strange Slot Machine glitch : Borderlands2 I went to the slot machines just for the hell of it to see if i could get a better weapon as all i had was a shitty revolver and coach gun, and i used both slot machines. So the images are rolling and i got eridium on the first machine, cool, i can get a shotgun ammo upgrade. Slot Machine | Borderlands Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia Slot machines are interactive objects introduced in Borderlands 2. ... First and second symbols different (regardless of 3rd): No reward; Any 2 matching with bell at the end: One to Three piles of ... All non-pistol weapons from the side drawer.

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Why You Need to Learn to Love Money - Israel News ... Borderlands slot machine all borderlands symbols No more DocPlayer net how to glitch borderlands slot machine. Slot machine key icons Online gambling real money on sports Game Revolution. The . Badass Gun Club Borderlands Giant Bomb Neoseeker borderlands slot machines borderlands symbol jpg. Simply Wild Gratis ... Borderlands 2 Slots 3 Borderlands Symbols lucky spot slots lp Borderlands 2 Slots 3 Borderlands Symbols dice craps strategy new jersey roulette rules Latest Casino Bonuses uses cookies, this enables us to provide you with a personalised experience.

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From Borderlands Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search. Operational Sloth.Navigation menu. Namespaces. Borderlands 2. Discussion. Variants. Borderlands 2 Pearlescent Weapon From The Slot Machine… My First Borderlands 2 Pearlescent Weapon drop from a Slot Machine.The Tiny Tina DLC Slot Machine is the only slots that can actually drop a Pearlescent. borderlands 2 slot machine borderlands symbols? -… Ask YOUR question: borderlands 2 slot machine borderlands symbols?what are the chances for 3 borderlands symbols on the borderlands 2 slot machine? asked5 years agoin General by anonymous.